International Student Seminar

Welcome to the 13th International Student Seminar!

The 13th ISS will be held from March 3rd to March 7th, 2015. This is a seminar of young scientists, for young scientists from all over the world, organized by young scientists from the Kyoto University Graduate School of Biostudies, Institute for Virus Research, and Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

One of the aims of this seminar is to provide an opportunity to learn about and be inspired by a wide range of cutting-edge biological research, while improving our discussion skills. The most important thing is to break through our intellectual, cultural, and language barriers, making scientific friendships and connections around the world.

We decided on the slogan “Knocking on life science’s door: おっしゃlet’s do science!” In keeping with the spirit of our slogan, we have implemented several changes.

The first initiative is the rearrangement of the seminar schedule. We would like to give many young scientists the opportunity to present and discuss their work. For this purpose, we will provide three presentation formats. Our aim is to overcome communication barriers that arise in multidisciplinary fields, and to share our scientific backgrounds. The second initiative is to provide ample time for communication including informal discussions. For improved understanding and valuable discussion, we reconsidered the time allocations for short and long talk sessions. Furthermore, to encourage discussion and better understanding, an overnight retreat will be held at Kansai seminar house. This retreat provides great opportunities to communicate across laboratories, borders and languages for all participants. We hope the experience may contribute to the development of all participants' international careers.

We are looking forward to your cool science and lively discussions during the 13th ISS!

On behalf of the executive committee, Daisuke KIZAWA (Chair Person)

Seminar Programme

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